Urban Ag in Berlin: Fresh from the Roof

A new project in Berlin, Fresh from the Roof (Frisch vom Dach), plans to install a 2-acre aquaponic farm on the roof of an unused factory in the heart of the city. The farm’s harvest will be distributed right from the factory building, activating the property at street level as well.

Aquaponics, a type of farming that’s been around since the 1970s, creates a symbiotic 2-level system between fish and plants, with plants above purifying water for the fish farm and the excretions of the fish below providing essential nutrients to the plants. This type of farm uses only about 5% as much water as traditional fish farming. The low resource intensity of this model is particularly appealing, as many urban agriculture and green roof designs  require too much energy to be useful in a resource-poor future.

Photo © Frisch vom Dach via Der Spiegel (follow the links for more photos of the planned site)

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  • http://www.majesticrenovations.com/products-services/siding/ Gabrielle Jeromy

    The idea of having an aquaponic farm on the rooftop of the building is very eco-friendly because the waste products of growing fish are used as a natural supplement for the plants, thus promoting zero-waste. There is a two-way process that allows for synergy between the fish and the plants. This is an excellent way of growing vegetables, herbs and fish all year round. It can be an income-generating business as well.