GMF Fellow Carol Kuester Policy Brief Release: Traveler Information Services

What could innovative traveler information systems in Europe signal for the future of the San Francisco Bay Area? 2011 Urban and Regional Policy Fellow Carol Kuester, a program coordinator with the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission, traveled all the way to the UK, Austria, and Germany to find out.  While there, Ms. Kuester sat down and talked with over three-dozen specialists; including transportation planners, policymakers, consultants, and private sector automobile and software providers.

In the United States, transportation information has traditionally been provided by state or regional organizations.  However, Ms. Kuester cites a number of converging technological trends in the private sector, as well as evolving consumer expectations surrounding information in general, as a compound catalyst for change in the U.S.  Known for their forward thinking transportation initiatives, these European case studies provided the perfect backdrop to understand the key challenges to delivering traveler information in the U.S. and how possible private-public sector relationships could be shaped.


To read Ms. Kuester’s policy brief, please click here.


Photo Credit: greychr/flickr

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