GMF Fellow Steve Wertheim Policy Brief Release: Capitalizing on Deindustrialization

Over the course of one month, Steve Wertheim, an Urban Planner with the City of San Francisco, visited four cities in Europe—Torino, Lyon, Amsterdam and Copenhagen—to conduct research as a 2011 Urban and Regional Policy fellow.  Mr. Wertheim’s inquiry focused on “how European cities determine how to redevelop [de-industrialized zones], what implementation strategies were utilized, and their relative success in maintaining and enhancing the quality-of-life of their citizens.”  As part of his research, Mr. Wertheim not only visited redeveloped sites, but also met with civic leaders and policy makers to understand the processes behind each effort.

At its core, the Urban and Regional Policy Fellowship Program is designed to benefit practitioners who can return from study tours with new ideas, and the acuity necessary to make a difference in their own communities.  As Mr. Wertheim put it, “The purpose of this research was to find inspirational ideas and practical lessons for my work for the Planning Department of San Francisco.  Specifically, I was looking for ideas and lessons pertinent to our Central Corridor Project, which will result in new land use controls for a 98-acre historically industrial area in the city’s South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood.”

Mr. Wertheim’s policy brief is broken down into five sections; governance, housing, economic development, connectivity and complete communities, allowing him to engage a number of different problems at once. 


To read Mr. Wertheim’s policy brief, please click here.


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